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Sorganic Fruit Sourdough
$9.99 each
Sorganic White Sourdough
$7.99 each
The Good Grocer Collection Sourdough Pizza Base 300g 300g
$3.99 each $1.33 per 100g
The Good Grocer Ciabatta
$5.99 each
Bodhi's Sprout Pure Spelt 540g
$6.99 each $1.29 per 100g
Golden Crumpets With Wholemeal (​6pk)
$3.99 each $1.33 per 100g
Croissant (​French)
$2.99 each
Panini (​Ciabatta Roll)
$1.89 each
Lawley's Rye Sourdough (​650g)
$6.99 each $1.08 per 100g
The Good Grocer Rye Sourdough
$6.58 each
Long Roll (​Rye & Sunflower)
$1.29 each
Tru-Blue Garlic Bread Twin Pack (​320g)
$3.39 each $1.06 per 100g
Sorganic Multigrain Sourdough
$8.99 each
Tip Top - Hotdog Rolls 6pk
$4.99 each $0.83 each
Mj Lemon Slice 4pk
$15.99 each $4.00 each
Mountain Rye Wraps 200g
$3.99 each $2.00 per 100g
Schar White Sourdough (​300g)
$10.39 each $3.46 per 100g
$7.99 each $1.18 per 100g
Gluten Free Bakehouse (​Zehnder) Multiseed Bread 700g
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
$8.69 each $1.24 per 100g
Portuguse Custard Tart
$4.89 each
Bodhi's Gluten Free Yeast Free 550g
Gluten Free
$7.39 each $1.34 per 100g
Mj Creations Choc Beetroot Cake (​540g)
$12.99 each $2.41 per 100g
Round Roll Rye & Sunflower
$0.89 each
The Good Grocer Seeded Sourdough
$5.99 each
Lawley's Rye & Carraway (​650g)
$6.99 each $1.08 per 100g
Lawson's Traditional Bread Settlers Grain 750g
$4.99 each $0.67 per 100g
Round Roll Plain
$0.89 each
Bodhi's Wupper Bread 680g
$6.69 each $0.98 per 100g
Chocolate Twist
$3.79 each
Kal's Flat Bread White (​5pk)
$1.49 each $0.30 each
Mountain Bread Natural Organic 200g
$4.59 each $2.30 per 100g
The Good Grocer Sour Pagnotta
$6.58 each
The Good Grocer White Sourdough
$5.99 each
Bodhi's Sprouted Mix Grain 540g
$6.99 each $1.29 per 100g
Bodhi's Wupper Light 680g
$6.69 each $0.98 per 100g
Corica Apple Strudle
$34.99 each
Corn Loaf
$6.99 each
$1.89 each
Kal's Pita Pockets White (​5pk)
$1.49 each $0.30 each
Lawley's Bagels Sesame (​4pk)
$5.99 each $1.50 per 100 units
Lawley's Seeded Sourdough (​650g)
$6.99 each $1.08 per 100g
Mini Turkish (​Nigela & Sesame)
$1.89 each
S/​Desire Vanilla Slice
$4.95 each
The Good Grocer Pagnotta
$5.99 each
True Blue Garlic Bread (​200g)
$1.99 each $1.00 per 100g
Blossom Fine Foods Gluten Free Orange & Almond Cake 500g
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
$15.99 each $3.20 each
Golden Crumpet Rounds (​6pk)
$3.99 each $1.33 per 100g
Kal's Flat Bread Whole Meal (​5pk)
$1.49 each $0.30 each
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